About Us

Bringing Art to the Parker community since 2005!

Parker Monart has evolved over the past 13 years to be Parker Colorado’s premier art school where kids ages 4 & up can experience fine art in many forms. With age appropriate art classes, art camps and Birthday parties we offer a variety of choices to fit your artistic desires.

Our sincere desire is to be a fun, creative, and safe place where anyone can experience the joys of art!

Method and Philosophy

Whether you are attending ongoing classes an art party or camp, you’ll find our approach to art remains the same: Art should be a fun & enriching process where the experience is even more valuable than the result.

Drawing classes are based on the Monart Method developed by internationally recognized art educator Mona Brookes.  Since 1979 and publication of her best-selling books, “Drawing with Children” and “Drawing for Older Children & Teens”, thousands of children and adults have experienced the benefits of this step by step teaching method and philosophy that can give everyone the skills to draw confidently.

Each class is designed with enough structured guidance to build artistic skills and the freedom to be creative. Increased focus, problem-solving and self-confidence are just a few benefits of this approach to drawing or painting.

Monart Drawing Philosophy

Just as we are taught how to combine basic phonetic rules to read, musical notes to play an instrument, and dance steps to dance, the Monart Method teaches the individual to draw using The Five Basic Elements of Shape.  Once students recognize these elements, they are guided as to how they might combine them on paper so that their drawings represent what they see.  Each week students work with our highly qualified, supportive instructors on projects designed to teach the Elements of Shape and to create a unique and fully-developed composition.  Students explore a wide range of subject matter, media, and artistic techniques so that students may continually develop their skills at their own pace.

A Peaceful and Supportive Environment

The Monart classroom environment is the key to a successful, positive experience in art. Our private studio is a quiet space that is far removed from the noise and commotion of a school campus. We create a peaceful and silent classroom that encourages focus and concentration. This setting enables students to develop an increased attention span that helps them in school. In addition, our studio is a supportive environment in which students can experiment, learn, and feel safe from criticism or critique. Students come to understand that in art class there is no competition or comparisons, no right or wrong way to draw, and that one can learn from every drawing, even if one doesn’t always like the results.

The Monart Difference

What sets Monart apart from other art education programs is that our classes seamlessly integrate relevant, age-appropriate academic curriculum in inviting and interesting ways. We draw from 25 years of comprehensive lesson plan that include academic information in subject as well as fundamentals of art. Students not only learn to draw a toucan, but they also learn about its features, habitat, and feeding habits. When students draw like Picasso, they learn not just about his style, but also about his life and influence on our culture. At Parker Monart, every student receives a well-designed art lesson, individualized attention and academic information of interest.

Monart Beliefs

These are some of the things artists will learn:

  • Anyone can learn to draw. Drawing is a teachable subject.
  • It’s okay if you don’t like all of your art work. Most artists don’t like every piece they create, but they do learn from each piece.
  • There is no right or wrong way to draw, and therefore there are no mistakes. Each drawing is an opportunity to learn more about your personal expression.
  • There isn’t a better or best work of art. Each piece is simply different. You wouldn’t laugh at Van Gogh because his work is different from DaVinci’s would you?
  • It’s okay to be inspired by another artist and to use his or her technique and style to learn about your own. It is also perfectly acceptable to use artwork and photographs for resources; there isn’t an artist in the world who can draw every plant, animal, or person from memory.


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